Dr. Andreas Kronawitter

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Dr. Andreas Kronawitter
Hess Straße 18
CH-3097 Liebefeld

Tel.: +41-31-9715562

E-Mail: krona@astro.unibas.ch

I work on dynamics of elliptical galaxies at the Astronomisches Institut der Universität Basel. If there's some time left I try to learn something new about stellar structure and evolution. In my diploma thesis I calculated equations of state for superdense nuclear matter as it is found in neutron stars. We used the Paris- and the Reid-Soft-Core Potentials. Other topics concerning neutron stars are investigated by Fridolin Weber and his group. Therefore neutron stars are still a hot topic - at least for me.

Together with Andi Härpfer and Rudi Reiser I publish the newsletters where you can read something about fundamental astronomy, astronomical news and things concerning amateur astronomy in general and the AAL in particular.

Another point of interest is LIS, the Laufen Info System. Here I try to provide news about the astronomical community. Until now most info are from ESO sources. As soon as possible I want to extend this service to astronomical news and fundamentals. This, however, is a very time consuming job. You can help me if you send me info which might be of common interest.

Last I should mention the workshop IWAA'96 (Interdisziplinärer Workshop über Astronomie und Astrophysik) which Joachim Dräger, Andi Härpfer and I try to organize once again in early march 1996. My talk at the IWAA'94 was about: "Entstehung und Entwicklung stellarer Objekte"

Here you can get some additional information about this astronomical society: Astronomische Arbeitsgruppe Laufen e.V.

Andreas Kronawitter, 1995-8-21