Astronomische Arbeitsgruppe Laufen e.V.

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Regular Events:

Every first Saturday of the month an observation of the sun or an astro evening event takes place, which everyone interested in our work can attend (date & time). The aim of the meeting is a get-together of like-minded astronomers, exchange practical knowledge or hear some talks or lectures. Appropriate weather conditions assumed observations with one of the telescopes will be in the fore.

(Guided) Tours:

Additionally you could attend a guided tour (eg. Baader-mini-planetarium, introduction to astronomy, observations, etc.). Please contact Otto Pilzer.

Annual Open Day:

At the observatory every year an open day takes place at a Saturday in early October.
The exact date you can find here.

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Otto J. Pilzer, 1997-09-25
Klaus Eder, 1994-11-06