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During the week: Johann-Clanze-Str. 43, App. 154, D-81369 München

Weekend: Schillerstraße 17, D-83410 Laufen


About me:

Since my diploma in chemistry at the workgroup of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang P. Hiller I work in a computer company in Munich.

My main hobby is astronomy.

[picture of the observatory]

Astronomische Arbeitsgruppe Laufen e.V.

In this astronomical workgroup I organize the Observations of the Sun and the "Astro Evening Events", which take place every first saturday of the month in the observatory (you can find the exact dates and the program here). I like to observe with the telescope and do handicrafts on the objects of the exhibition and the equipment of the observatory with other members.
Furthermore the workgroup plans to build a small private observatory, in which we want to mount the telescopes of our own. I'd like to do some photography of astronomical objects, but due to lack of time I have to leave that to other members of our society.

Förderverein Sternwarte Laufen e.V.

I'm a founder member of the nonprofit Supportive Society, which aim is to improve the equipment of the observatory.

[photo] Here you can see me giving a lecture on cosmo chemistry at the IWAA'94 (Interdisciplinary Workshop on Astronomy und Astrophysics).

A mirror of "Views of the Solar System":

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Danger caused by 1,1-Dihydrogenoxide:

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The Evolution of a Programmer:

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Men and Computers:

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What you need to know about Micro$soft, Windows, Windows-NT and Windows95 and Bill Gates:

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