[Horse Head Nebula] Astronomische Arbeitsgruppe Laufen e.V.

[German] Die gleiche Information in deutscher Sprache.

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[*] Talks: Every first Saturdy of each month everyone interested can visit the oberservatory. All talks are in German and you can find detailed information here.

Admission is free.

Astronomy and Research:

[*] LISA Laufener Informations System für Astronomie/Astrophysik

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[*] Email-Adresses, Other Astro-Servers and Newsgroups
[*] Here you can find a local copy of "Views Of The Solar System" (high resolutiuon images are links to www.hawastsoc.org, everyone interested is strongly recommended to use the service of the closest Mirror Site only) [new]

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[Saturn] Förderverein Sternwarte Laufen e.V.

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